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4. If there are no objections and you've resolved any issues that might have been brought up, rebase the commits onto the `master` branch.
If there are many commits, consider 'squashing' them into one with a single meaningful message when rebasing.
## Licensing and copyright
`matchbot` is open source software, allowing anyone to use it without restriction.
In order to maintain this, please take the time to ensure that your contributions are properly licensed.
### Developer Certificate of Origin
Please include a '`Signed-off-by:`' line in the message of each commit to show that you have agreed to the [Developer Certificate of Origin, version 1.1](
You can add this automatically by using the `--signoff` flag when running `git commit`.
### REUSE headers
`matchbot` follows the [REUSE specification]( to make it easy for people to find out its licensing and copyright.
As such, all files should start with a comment of the file's licence:
> `;; SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0`
When you modify a file, add a copyright header comment to it with the year when you first modified the file, your name and finally your email address.
For example:
> `;; SPDX-FileCopyrightText: 2022 Joe Bloggs <>`
If the copyright to your contributions is held by your employer, put your employer's name in brackets after your own name.