31 Commits (master)

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franzo d2611ca615 fix: adding a non-existing game to the .last command output 6 months ago
franzo 19ffa45c38 fix: minor cmd list fix 6 months ago
franzo 1ad3ba6f7f fix: stupid indentation 6 months ago
franzo 89d5a4f9c3 add: .last cmd which prints the last game played 6 months ago
franzo b616edd808 add: lastPlayed global variable and description of new cmd 6 months ago
Rampoina 9962c1e019 Don't ping the user .match ing, fixes #1 1 year ago
Phil Morrell 5f945f33a5
ping supposedly offline users too 1 year ago
Rampoina 2cfa9596c8 Update help 1 year ago
Rampoina 965a814ebb Fix admins example in bot.ini.example 1 year ago
Rampoina b9763a93fd Update README 1 year ago
Rampoina 6c2eb49ccd Don't forget to update the file 1 year ago
Rampoina d2f13337b0 Add .remove admin command 1 year ago
Phil Morrell 7921f44058
use multiple lines to list game names 2 years ago
Phil Morrell 15eab1a86f
add SPDX license header to all files 2 years ago
Rampoina 1d5158a435 Prefix users with _ to avoid pings in .list 2 years ago
Rampoina de1a144e5f Change .list to list only the games 2 years ago
Rampoina df9496e43c Add protection for a channel with +zm 2 years ago
Rampoina 7eab8aaeb0 Update the README to mention the original project 2 years ago
Rampoina cb10c69427 Shorten command names and add .list command 2 years ago
Rampoina 64ac0d5798 Add support for specific games 2 years ago
Ultracoolguy f327a1000a Add connection prompts 2 years ago
Ultracoolguy 700e3f3aa9 Exit when channels isn't defined 2 years ago
Ultracoolguy 26cb28e4e5 Make .help one line(for reducing spam) 2 years ago
Ultracoolguy f2c35a8c77 Read configuration from bot.ini from now on 2 years ago
Ultracoolguy c0a4d8b7b3 Remove comment 2 years ago
Ultracoolguy a55cb3cd55 Add support for #sus on irc.tilde.chat 2 years ago
Ultracoolguy 932e51bae7 Remove redundant 'user' variable 2 years ago
Ultracoolguy c5d7e1deb9 Fix notice bug 2 years ago
Ultracoolguy 853ddf8303 Add MIT license 2 years ago
Ultracoolguy f9b57a9c47 Remove extra unnecesary newlines 2 years ago
Ultracoolguy 196c455817 Initial commit 2 years ago