This repository just holds the static website after it gets build by Jekyll to automate the deployment on a webspace.

Updated 24 minutes ago

This is the main homepage of the onFOSS organization. It is build with Jekyll.

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Updated 4 hours ago

The official general gameserver repository for onFOSS events.

Updated 3 days ago

A remake of the 1999 space war game XPilot in Godot 4

Updated 7 days ago

Source files for the LibreGaming website

Updated 2 weeks ago

Updated 2 weeks ago

This is the official Website of the onFOSS-LAN organizations.

Updated 3 weeks ago

Sourcecode of onFOSS homepage

Updated 1 month ago

A sokoban game in BQN

Updated 2 months ago

A sokoban game in BQN

Updated 2 months ago

Arc, a puzzle game about directing laser beams with mirrors

Updated 3 months ago

2048 in BQN

Updated 5 months ago

Megaglest fork

Updated 5 months ago

Updated 5 months ago

Sourcecode of my homepage

Updated 6 months ago

matchbot at #libregaming-matchmaking on

Updated 8 months ago

This is a document about hosting a own onFOSS-LAN-event. Co-written by DeathByDenim and hribhrib.

Updated 9 months ago

This is a university project about VR programming. It is build upon and . It is a procedural generated forest where you move automatically through it and can look around. You get re-spawned if you get too far away

Updated 11 months ago