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## Build system
### Building a POM file
The POM file lists the dependencies needed to run `matchbot` as well as some additional information that can help people learn more about `matchbot`.
To generate a POM file, run `clojure -T:build pom`; you should find the generated `POM.xml` file in the `target/` directory.
### Building a JAR file
A JAR file contains all the source code of `matchbot` in a form that the JVM can load and pass to the Clojure compiler to run.
To generate a JAR file, run `clojure -T:build jar`; again, you should find the JAR file called something like `matchbot-x.x.x.jar` in the `target/` directory.
### Building an uberjar
An uberjar is much like a normal JAR file, but comes with all the dependencies of `matchbot` bundled in it.
This means that it can run directly on the JVM without Clojure being installed (it contains a copy of the Clojure compiler itself).
To generate an uberjar, run `clojure -T:build uber`; you should find the uberjar called something like `matchbot-x.x.x-standalone.jar` in the `target/` directory.
Please note that if you distribute an uberjar, you must not only comply with the licence of `matchbot`, but also the licences of all `matchbot`'s dependencies, both transitive and intransitive.