LibreGaming Frontend Styles contains the stylesheets and code used on the LibreGaming Website. Frontend Styles offers responsive design and modularity.
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🖌️ LibreGaming Frontend Styles

This project contains code and styles useful for those wanting to copy the look and feel of LibreGaming. This serves to bring consistency across LibreGaming services and avoid repeating work.

Download Stylesheet

Web files are provided in public folder. Point your Web Browser here press the Download button at the top.

For those wanting layout and styles, add style.min.css inside your HTML. Extra functionality, such as dropdown menus, is enabled with scripts.js.

Once done, you can begin using the style definitions within HTML elements. For example, text-lightblue renders text with LibreGaming's blue branding colours.


Assets such as logos are available inside src/assets.


You will need Node.js installed if you want to develop the project's code.

npm run build

to bundle your application.